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Technology and media are major forces that shape the minds and development of our youth. Recognizing this, H2O places a strong emphasis on youth being the creators of change by being creators of positive content instead of being only a consumer of content. We know that our youth are bombarded daily with negative messages through popular music and videos and we are actively working to combat this programming with an alternative outlet that is offered through our programming. Our youth will demonstrate confidence in their ability to write, speak, perform and clearly articulate their thoughts which will empower them in their academic, family, and community circles.


H2O Community Development Corporation heavily integrates the use of computers and technology in its youth programs, introducing students to the hardware, tools, and skills needed to carry out production tasks, such as recording and mixing on the audio side, as well as filming and editing on the video side of production. We create opportunities for youth to take active roles the production process, so they can explore what it takes both in lead roles and support roles to get the job done. Our programs are designed to show the work that goes into the music and media

they consume in the real world and how they can earn a living as an artist entrepreneur by honing these skills.


H2O has built long standing relationships with schools, community centers, arts non-profits, and other youth serving organizations in Southeastern Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Racine counties. Our present and past partners include Milwaukee Public Schools, Waukesha School District, Racine Unified School District, Arts @ Large, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, Neu-Life Community Development, Artists Working in Education, Project Ujima, Catapult Learning, COA. H2O has also been deployed into school-day programming to provide or supplement arts programming in schools that not have a full-time arts or music teacher. H2O has also provided programming to young adults serving time in House of Corrections, demonstrating our ability to work in challenging and complex environments.


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